Post Certification Services

Have you recently been certified in your chosen international standard?
Are you grappling with certified system maintenance and improvement?

Achieving certification is one thing – maintaining and improving your system is another!

We ensure that you not only stay at compliance level – but give you an organization-wide system for driving performance improvement:

Ongoing Process and Documentation Improvements

You are provided with your own Continual Improvement Library (the CIL) for documentation, keeping you updated with modifications, improvements and additions to your relevant international standard documentation.

Regular change alerts advise you of improvements & additions and, through your PIN-enabled access, you are able to review, download and tailor documentation from the Library.

Internal Audits

We develop and implement your Internal Audit Programme based on a comprehensive risk assessment which prioritizes critical audits and we conduct a system compliance audit, typically prior to your annual management review.

We work as an extension of your management team conducting internal audits, typically on a quarterly basis.

Risk Assessment Reviews

Change is the only constant – new suppliers, methods, people and equipment could lead to new hazards; your risk assessments require regular review.

We assist your management team with regular risk assessment reviews in food safety (HACCP), Environment (ERA), OHS (HIRA) and Business Processes.
Management Review Facilitation

Management reviews are the single most important event on your management system calendar – transform these reviews into value adding workshops, engaging your management team, delivering real benefit through our facilitated approach.

Compliance Management Software – online, real time.

Speed up critical compliance data capture and analysis while reducing their administrative burden. This can be achieved through a simple, user-friendly system on your mobile device or from your desktop computer.
Modules include:
– non conformances
– corrective action
– internal audits
– to-do action tracking
– document control