Software/IT Services


Compliance Management Software

Through our online, real time software system, your management team is able to massively reduce the administration of your Management System.

This system addresses:

  • non conformances
  • corrective action
  • internal audits
  • to-do action tracking
  • document control

Web based ISO system offers the following benefits:

  • Can be accessed using smart phones and tablets.
  • Can conduct an audit on the go and submit actions during the walk around.
  • Has e-mail workflow processes and smart calendar planning and follow up tools.
  • All work actions (audit finding, RCA task, NCA task) are processed through a single point.
  • Can be accessed from remote locations.
  • All sites would log onto a single system allowing group automation of reporting.
  • Certain users can view site data from all sites.
  • Can create customised data capture screens for additional requirements – e.g. calibration, temp control etc.
  • A monthly cost per site for the system is charged – the more sites the lower the cost.
  • Does not require MS access licenses and has unlimited number of users (only need access to the internet).

W&A Desktop Applications

Microsoft Access & Excel

Avoid expensive systems with associated IT department conflicts, difficult budget approval, user licenses and annual upgrade costs. We offer a user-friendly, robust proven Microsoft Access & Excel application designed to make your life easier.  They system is available in individual applications which allow you to purchase them individually over time depending on your budget constraints and system needs.  We have a free working Document Register system available for you to test your system requirements and to experience how these systems work.

Continuous Improvement Library

Stay abreast of the latest developments and best practices in SHEQ/Food Safety Management System Processes, Tools and Techniques.  This service ensures that you continuously improve the SHEQ practices in your organization keeping yourself and your company at the leading edge.

Continuous Improvement is a fundamental requirement of international standards, and this service will keep your management processes both compliant, and one step ahead of the game. You will receive your own pin access code, which will enable you to access and download the documents, templates and interpretation & implementation guides.

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