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ISOPro Software streamlines data collection & compliance reporting.
ISOPro understands the intensive nature of compliance and have built their software around simplicity, making it practical and easy to deploy. ISOPro is delivered as Software as a Service (SAAS) with low set up costs and affordable monthly subscription packages.

GCX Africa collaborates with African businesses to embed authentic sustainability and innovation into their DNA. This not only ensures lasting profits, but also makes businesses more adaptable and resilient to change.

Alone, it’s impossible for one company to prosper sustainably. But the strength of an ecosystem lies in diversity and collaboration. Taking nature’s lead, GCX Africa makes business more sustainable through a powerful network of partnerships. Our goal is to help businesses become better corporate citizens, better environmental custodians, and more valuable organisations.

In the fast paced digital age where people struggle to find the time to consume and contextualise relevant information, we are specialists at visualising and packaging information to ensure everyone understands. Find out more at